Sunday, 14 July 2013

Keil Kraft Senator

While looking for another suitable rubber powered balsa plane to construct this Summer I stumbled over the 32" wingspan Keil Kraft Senator.   I recall building this a teenager and I got some remarkably good flights out of it.  I can't recall why I don't have this model anymore, I suspect it got lost or broken during the last house move.

The model is still in production and is available from the Vintage Model Company but I was really looking to rebuild it from scratch from the original plans which is a little more challenging.

After some searching around I found some plans online and also an excellent article on constructing the model by Craig Limber, with some useful notes on building the propeller from scratch.  I need to rummage around to see if I have the original plans, otherwise I will see if I get a legitimate copy somehow soon.

This 1950s Keil Kraft model is a classic and I look forward to constructing it.

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