Saturday, 13 June 2015

Constructing adjustable undercarriage

I've been procrastinating on finishing my wakefield because I was struggling with the construction of the undercarriage.   The wire provided with the kit was tricky to bend and I was avoiding starting it.   Instead of fixing the undercarriage to the fuselage, I instead chose to slide the wire into brass tubing inset into the fuselage.   I added two height settings to allow me to tweak the centre of gravity.

The tubing allows me to remove the undercarriage for easy transportation and storage.  The fit is snug enough to ensure the wire frame does not pop out, but I may also hold the left and right sides in place using a rubber band if required.

Low setting, undercarriage is pushed further forward

Upper setting, undercarriage is set further back

Showing high and low rear settings
The Y shaped undercarriage is joined using some very thin copper wire wound around the joint and then glued with Evo-Stik rapid setting glue.

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