Sunday, 7 December 2014

Miss Canada Senior, Fuselage Part 2

I was able to grab several hours of free time this weekend to finish the construction phase of the fuselage of the Miss Canada Senior.    All I need to do now sand the fuselage down and add in the undercarriage and shape the nose block, then it will be time to cover it.

 The 3/32" sheet balsa fillets to the nose were surprisingly accurately printed and they fitted perfectly first go.  Normally I need to tweak these with a small amount of sanding, but this kit was spot on.

To ensure I had a rigid box fuselage, I constructed rectangular frames in the under-wing sections to give me a near perfect square frame to start with. The rest of the frame was constructed with carefully cut 1/8" cross pieces and some temporary scaffolding to hold the frame square during the drying process.  The final box frame turned out warp free, which was a relief.

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