Tuesday, 3 June 2014

36" Wingspan Miss Canada Senior

My previous balsa kit build was a rather diminutive scale model.  To make a change, I decided my next kit would be a large free flight aircraft, this time an EasyBuilt 36" wingspan vintage Miss Canada Senior.   This is a typical box fuselage rubber powered model with a rugged and rather chunky design.  I'm not sure about the aesthetics, but I think the flying performance may show some promise.

The balsa appears to be well graded and chosen carefully, the only minor quibble was the slight damage to the tip of the propeller, but I am sure I can work around that.   I will report back as I get to grips with the construction of this vintage gem.


  1. This is a very pleasant blog and very instructive. However, it saddens me that Mr King never reports back on how his models fly. Senator, Sapphire, Merlin, Bird Dog, Aries and repaired Domino, nothing!! Many of these models have the ability to fly away in a thermal and it would be interesting to know what type of dethermaliser he uses.

    1. I'd like to report back, however, I am constrained by the size of my local field and good weather. I've only managed 2 evenings of flying so far this year and I've yet to find a field big enough to take these models up to their full flying potential.