Saturday, 8 June 2013

Creating order out of chaos

I'm an engineer at heart.  I enjoy turning messy disordered broken objects back into a working state.   It seems that burnt deep into my DNA is the need to fix stuff, to functionally improve it and make it fully fit for purpose.  Most things just fall apart, break, end up in disrepair.  I fight the decay of entropy and try to turn chaos back into order.

Conquering Entropy is not just a battle to fix things before they end up in land fill. It is more than that.  It is the desire to turn materials into a higher ordered state through creative work.  For example, turning sheets of balsa and tissue into a decent flying model or globs of acrylic paint into a rendering that is aesthetically pleasing.

So, join me in my adventure as I attempt to create order out of chaos and in a small way try to conquer entropy's universal reign.

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